Dutch society exam for NT2-candidates

Do you want to get your NT2-diploma? From the first of January 2015 you also need to pass the exams ‘Knowledge of Dutch Society’ and ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ (‘Kennis Nederlandse Samenleving’ and ‘Orientatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt’).

The reason to add the exam ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ is to teach “inburgeraars” how to find suitable work in The Netherlands. It should higher the chance to actually find work for them.

The Association for Tests and Exams (College voor Toetsen en Examens) said about this: ,,Did the “inburgeraar” became obliged to integrate before 2015? Than he only has to pass the NT2-exam. If he passes, he will get his NT2-diploma and than he will be officially integrated (ingeburgerd). Did he became obliged to integrate after the first of January 2015? Than he has to pass, besides the four original exams (speaking, writing, listening and reading), also two other tests of the new KNM-exam. Does he pass these exams, than he will get his NT2-diploma and the “inburgeringsdiploma”.

The ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’-part will be an oral exam (so not written or by computer). Also you will have to make a portfolio assignment that has to be shown during the exam. The test ‘Kennis Nederlandse Maatschapij’ has to be done on a computer.


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